Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

I've always been in two minds about St Valentine's Day. I like the idea of a special day to remember how and why you appreciate your special someone. Yet I hate the commercial hype, the mix of tacky-cutesy and overpriced gestures.

This year I offered to cook the hubby dinner, accompanied by wine, followed by a film of his choice. He agreed that this would be a nice idea.

In the morning I received a lovely card, the nicest card he has sent me to date. It was just perfect for me. Even though it made me wonder if my husband sees me as an imaginary friend! (See attached photo.)

Afternoon brough a visit to out local wine shop where we picked up a couple of reds to add to the fizz we had in. We chose one each, Dave's being nice but rather peppery and mine being packed full of fruit. Pinga del Torto, not to be confused with the similarly named penguin.

Evening kicked off with a bottle of sekt accompanying a seafood & grapefruit salad. Main course was Roman Spring Lamb with a cheat dessert of Gu melting middle puds topped with raspberries. Plenty of nice conversation, all finished off watching Charlie Wilson's War in bed.

All in all a relatively cheap way of celebrating how happy we are. (Sorry, when I realise how lucky I am to have married Dave I can't help being a little smug)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to Blogging.

Inspired by husband's new blog. I felt it's time for mine to be resurrected. I set myself a challenge this year to hike 500 miles before 2010. This will be documented here.

I am doing the challenge for a few reasons. Mainly to get myself to a healthy level of fitness. Hopefully the loss of 20-28lbs will be part of what I gain from the experience. I do go to the gym but I find it less than ideal. I get bored and don't enjoy it much. To get out on a long walk in our green and pleasant land really cheers me. Walking is probably the only form of exercise I actually enjoy.

I was surprised to find how many National Trails there are in Britain. Despite living very close to The Pennine Way I hadn't come across them before. I was inspired by an article in The Sunday Times travel section. The Hadrian exhibition at The British Museum created a torrent of Hadrian related journalism.

Last year Dave and I started walking seriously. We did some training walks and then walked the Hadrian's Wall National Trail. This was a huge achievement for me and I was 'well chuffed'. I found it very hard and I suffered a lot but I stuck at it and finally got there. This is one of the 'easier' National Trails. So for my next one I'll have to up my game. Lots of gym work to help and gradually longer walks. I'm hoping to attempt The Cleveland Way. A longer and slightly more difficult walk. It passes around the Yorshire Moors and drops down the coast from Saltburn to Scarborough. We pass at least 2 ruined abbeys and I'm really looking forward to it. With the credit crunch hitting it will be a good chance for a cheaper, much healthier holiday this year.

To walk the Hadrian's Wall trail we used this book
A really useful guide. It split the walk up into days for us enabling us to plan our lodgings in advance. Also included was information on the wall and how it was built. As well as little nuggets on other items of interest as you passed them. We did use the services of a baggage courier. A 90 mile hike carrying a week's luggage would not have been enjoyable for me. The company we chose gave us a great service

2 links to the photo's

National Trail website
This is an excellent site. Plenty of listings for pubs and lodging. Many helpful tips to help you along your way.