Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thanks For the Donations

I completed the Race for Life on Sunday.  I was amazed to beat my 'Personal Best' by over 6 minutes.  I came in on 30 minutes 59 seconds.  A near miracle for me!

Best of all I managed to collect sponsorship of £355 With the added bonus of Gift Aid for UK taxpayers the total donated to Cancer Research will be £439.62  To all those sponsored me and spurred me on with their good wishes I am extremely grateful.  You all helped make it worthwhile.  I expected to struggle to reach £150 in sponsorship.  People's generosity was amazing.

I need to give a give a mention to the 'Get Running (Couch to 5K)' app which started me on my journey. Starting from not having run since forced to at school was daunting.  This app helped get me going.

I started off my training on the treadmill and moved onto the roads when I'd gained a little running fitness.  I don't think you'll get me back on a treadmill unless the weather demands it.  It's so much more free and refreshing running outside.

Thanks to Mum and Dad for spurring me on on the day.  The biggest thanks of all have to go to my husband Dave.  He's given me nothing but support from the day I started.  Handing out advice, nudging me on when I got all pathetic and whined.  Helped plan my routes and ran with me on my training runs whilst ignoring the fact that I was sometimes less than charming whilst struggling.  I couldn't have done it without him.  To have him there as I crossed the finish line meant the world.

Well , next year I'm hoping to double my distance.  Don't worry though I won't be boring you all throughout that training ;-)