Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cute Cupcake

I'm a little tired of the rampaging hoard of cupcakes.  Maybe I'm too traditional.  This one caught my eye today though, courtesy of the I Can Haz Chzburger email.  Peacock and cake?  Well it must have been baked for me. Could I bring myself to eat such a work of culinary art though?

cute food photos - Alien? Peacock? Clever Disguise?
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lufthansa Game - Virtual Pilot

Stephen Fry tweeted about this game this morning.

It really is fun, especially if you enjoy to travel in Europe.

My name on there is Mekster.  Though I shouldn't have told you that as now you'll know how awful my geography is :-S

I do have to warn you though.  It's far too addictive to be helpful in the workplace ;-)

Virtual Pilot 2 seems kinda fun.  But it's a little too slow moving for my liking.