Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Doctor

Favourite Doctor

Now let's be straight here, I'm going with the popular choice.  Very close int the mix is the Second Daughter and not too far behind the Sixth Doctor.  Matt Smith's incarnation is bloody good but somehow I just don't love New Who like I do Classic Who.  Yes, I'm an old fart about DW ;-)  It has to be the Fourth Doctor.  Maybe not so much in his later self indulgent time but the beginning of his reign was magnificent.  

His pairing with Sarah Jane a joy.  Leela I'm not too fond of.  I enjoyed his relationship with Romana I.  Romana II was ok I suppose.  Nyssa (sorry Paul) and Adric, well I found them both pretty irritating.
He encountered some great villains in some of my favourite stories.  We even had Paris, really Paris, not a backdrop during his time.  Not to mention Portmeirion too.
The scarf was the best 'weird costume' prop the show's had and he brought us K9.  What more could you want?  Hell, we even get the best DW spoofs about Tom Baker's Doctor.

Least Favourite

I'll have to go with Paul McGann here.  I hated the 'movie' and his performance may have been one of the best things about it but it didn't sit right for me.  The whole thing just felt very wrong and I'd erase it from my memory if I could.  I've heard he's great in Big Finish stories.  Now don't crucify me here but I don't listen to Big Finish.  I appreciate how loved their output is but it just doesn't keep my attention for long enough.  Oh and yes this was the Doctor that started the snogging. pffft.  Then there's that TARDIS, ugh.

Thanks for reading and here's one of Dead Ringers DW spoofs


Paul said...

That's fascinating. I agree that early Tom Baker is absolutely brilliant. Basically during the Hinchcliffe/Holmes era, when they kept him on a leash.

Nothing wrong with Nyssa. How very dare you...?! ;)

I would argue that being responsible for K9 is a greater crime than Paul McGann kissing his assistant. And it wasn't a proper kiss anyway, not like the kind of thing we're being assaulted with in the show these days...

Adam said...

Tom Baker is a superb Doctor I do have to agree and I also have to agree that he was much better in his early seasons than in the later Tom Baker show which the show turned into.

As for McGann, unless you have listened to the Big Finish audios then I don't think that you could really consider him to be that good a Doctor, even if he was the best thing in the movie by miles.

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