Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 11 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Opening Titles

Now this one required research.  Luckily I found this handy site.  I'm not sure if I have a favourite exactly.  I love the theme tune in most of it's forms.  The adding of too many extra bits as it goes along I could probably do without.

The original is still pretty great.  It sounds creepy and mysterious but quite upbeat and I love the light effect at the beginning.

The first Pertwee one added the necessary colour but couldn't better the original for me.

I like the lights at the beginning of the 2nd Pertwee version.  Puts some sense of travelling into it.

Yeah the Time Tunnel effects for Baker were good and stuck in my mind.  But that's probably due to what I had on VHS as a kid.  I like that one but I'm beginning to think none of them are exactly exciting me.  Has the theme, in all it's forms, become background noise because I'm so used to it.  Hearing any of them makes me smile in anticipation but not because it's a particular theme but because of what will follow.

Now we get to 1980 and this is where it starts getting a little iffy for me.  This must have beenthe first theme I heard but I don't like the level of the dn, dn, dn bits.  They're a little too loud.  Mind you it's always been the swishes and the wooo-oo bits that are my favourite (God, I really need to get out more!)

Colin Baker's time seemed to make it generally more flashy.  Doesn't really bother me either way.

McCoy's theme was yet more modern.  With CGI! apparently.  It remonds me a little of the DS9 credits, don't shout it just popped into my head.  As it goes on it just doesn't feel like DW to me.  (With statements like that maybe I am a real DW fan after all.)

Yeah you guessed it I don't like the 1996 one.  they tried to take it don the Star Trek/Wars route and that just isn't for me.

2005 gave us back our show.  The titles seem to herald what is to come.  It's what we know but different and much more hectically rapid.

Right now we're travelling through a stormy time tunnel into a fiery one.  Is that telling us something?

So, I'm surprised to say I'll take the original as my favourite.  With Least favourite going to the TV movie alongside a special mention for the McCoy version.

Here is a YouTube video of all the themes.  Go on, what better way could you think of to spend  the next 8 minutes?


Paul said...

Ah, TV Ark is an excellent website - and I've seen that YouTube clip before. It's very good, isn't it? 50 years in 8 minutes!

The version I absolutely adore is the one from the unscreened pilot episode. There is a thunderclap at the beginning that is just brilliant...

Adam said...

I like most of the themes. I really don't like McCoys theme though. Keff McCulloch shouldn't have been let near the show with a very large bargepole!

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