Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 21 - Doctor Who Challenge

The First Doctor Who Story I Watched 

I have absolutely no idea on this one.  It was a Peter Davison story but I don't know which one.  I was very young then!  So much for the 'your first Doctor is your favourite theory' there then (sorry Paul).  I don't dislike him, there's nothing really to dislike about him.  I just find him a little bland.  I did like two of his companions though, Teegan, Turlough and Peri.  Davison always comes across as a really nice bloke, as does his Doctor.

He had some pretty good stories.  From his tenure I enjoyed The Visitation, fun, sci-fi and history.  Black Orchid was interesting with nice period wear and only two epsiodes.  Earthshock really did give us a shock, a brave move.  Enlightenment was a great idea but an episode too long.  Warriors of the Deep I've always had a soft spot for, despite the Merkin Myrka.  The Awakening is a nice dark story.  Planet of Fire was good but a little too long.  I enjoy Davison stories he just doesn't stand out for me.


Paul said...

Isn't that three companions? :D

Actually, I said that although that is a common theory, it's not always the case. Tom Baker was the first Doctor I watched but Davison is my favourite...

In honour of such brilliance, I will, from now, forever call the Myrka the Merkin ;)

Mary said...

Lol, I was apologising for not loving Davison ;-)

You're right it's two, I am a dunce!

I don't think I've heard enough Turlough discussion. Looking forward to The Time Vault getting to him.

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