Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 22 - Doctor Who Challenge

The Most Recent Doctor Who Story I've Watched

I'm currently watching The Mutants for the first time.  A Third Doctor, Jo Grant story.  It's nice because the Doctor and Jo actually get to travel off Earth.

The Doctor is sent to deliver a package, which can only be opened by the intended receiver.  This leads to lots of 'is this package yours' fun.  Obviously those in command want it opened whether it's been sent to them or not.  Those scenes are like a Space-Nazi Cinderella sketch.

The planet they arrive on is ruled by Overlords, dressed similarly to Nazi-era army officers.  On the planet below there are the downtrodden invaded race.  Also some Mutants, who are being killed off.  Maybe because there mutations are only attached to their clothing not their actual back.  There is a freedom fighter from the planet below and also a collaborator.  Later on everything's further mixed up by the appearance of massive insects who wiggle around a lot.  Then a Blofeld turns up.

It isn't the most priginal story ever but I'm enjoying it.  The characters are all ones we've seen a million times before.  I think I've guessed the ending but it'll nice seeing if I'm right.  I was a little disappointed to see parts of Full Circle weren' very original :-(

There's a new addition to the 30 Day Challengers.  It's on Confessions of a Neowhovian.  It's an interesting blog written by a newcomer to DW who's blogging her experiences of Classic Who.  A nice look at things for us oldies ;-)

I found her via her comments on Paul's Blog.


Paul Greaves said...

Ah, The Mutants is one of those stories I much preferred as a Target book than actually watching it. It has some great actors in it and some shockingly bad ones too! Plus, of course, Monty Python man at the beginning: "It's... Steven Moffat's Arc-plot Circus!"

Marcia's blog is very good. She took my challenge and steamed ahead of me! :)

Neowhovian said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, guys! :)

I reviewed Mutants when it came out in February, and I have to say, although it wasn't the best story ever, there were some really interesting elements underlying it. I got more out of it from a critic's standpoint than a fan's, but it was still really fun to see Three and Jo on a real trip. :)

Neowhovian said...

(Oh, and in case is wasn't clear, in the American MidWest, where I grew up, "guys" is gender neutral.)

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