Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 17 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Top 3 New Series Stories

Looking down the list there's more contenders for this category than I expected.  I must enjoy New Who more than I thought ;-)

Contenders that didn't quite make it are The Unquiet Dead, a nice spooky story early on in the new show's run.  The name Dickens is always going to pull in viewers too.  The Idiot's Lantern is one I loved, very spooky.  What it's trying to say about us and our addiction to the goggle box I don't know!  Amy's Choice was a clever, dark episode and I'm not sure I fully understand it's implications even now.  Toby Jones was always going to up the enjoyment here.  Vincent and the Doctor was made great by the casting of Tony Curran.  A performance not as good as his would have taken me right out of the tale and made it sniggerable.  Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead was deliciously dark and had the added bonus of making us afraid of our own shadows.  Not too sure about the ongoing tale it began and whether it will end in a satisfactory manner yet though.  I enjoyed Girl in the Fireplace but think it would have been better as a solo doctor story, the companions just distracted.

My three favourites are, have you guessed?

The Rebel Flesh/Almost People, this had so many homages without them making me squirm.  It took the age old doppelganger tale and gave it fresh legs.  It's also the story that rounded Rory out for me.

Human Nature/Family of Blood, I loved this.  The darkness, the setting, the cast.  Martha's performance.  Tennant was well suited to play the role he did here.  And yet another household object to be spooked by.

No surprises that The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances is my favourite.  It spooked me out at 29.  I bet kids were delightfully creeped out!  Richard Wilson gives us a great performance and the FX were used well, giving a sense of the story rather than being the highlight.  Captain Jack's still fresh here and a nice addition.


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