Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 27 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite Doctor Who Special

The thought of this made me groan.  I am not a fan of the 'specials' and usually find them anything but.  They always seem campy.  I'm not beloved of the Children in Need charity ones either.

The specials I've enjoyed most have been The Next Doctor which although daft in parts I mainly enjoyed watching.  The Waters of Mars was a step above all the other Tennant specials.  A Christmas Carol is probably my favourite Christmas Special.  It didn't sit perfectly with me but it was an enjoyable watch.

The winner is going to have to be The Five Doctors.  Childhood, nostalgic favourite that it is.


Paul said...

Ahh, it's a fun, unashamedly self-indulgent romp. Considering the show was 20 years old, why the Hell not? I was 10 and loved every second...

Neowhovian said...

I chose this one, too, despite having no fond childhood memories of it. :) Guess I'm just a sucker for multi-Doctor stories.

Mary said...

Glad it has such fond feelings :-)

I'm also a sucker for multi-doctor stories

Adam said...

I love The Five Doctors. I remember it well from the first showing when I was about 9. That was when I realised that there were other Doctors apart from Davison and Tom Baker.

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