Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 19 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Target Novelisation

My Favourite

This one's easy.  One of my favourite books as a kid was Doctor Who and the Cybermen.  It scared me and had Jamie in it, as well as Ben & Polly.  The Target Novels gave me my love of the second Doctor and these companions.  This story I read many times.  In my head there were no dubious sets or notquite right special effects.  It was perfectly pictured.  I love the way there's a sense of threat that builds over the first half of the book.  The scenes with Jamie alone in sick bay with the Cybermen are my favourite.  As a kid I was very

Others I've enjoyed have been Doctor Who and the Daemons, Terror of the Autons, The Three Doctors, The Loch Ness Monster, The Tenth Planet, Enemy of the World, Warrior's Gate, The Awakening and The Invasion.

The thing with these books is I read them at a young age.  I'm not too critical of what I read now, then there was none.  The ones I return to, that I can remember reading kind of get a free pass.  Ones that are new to me I'm a little harsher on.

I will always be glad that the novels were released as they gave me a full insight to Doctor Who's past that wasn't available anywhere else.  I'm also very grateful to Failsworth Library for stocking so many of them.

My Least Favourite

I'm probably biased but there aren't any of these books I really dislike.  I did recently read Doctor Who and the Android Invasion and was disappointed.  It lacked any sense of peril, didn't have any feeling in it.  So I'll put that one down.


Paul said...

Ha! I just KNEW you'd pick the Cyberman book. We're level at the moment Mary, I'm doing Day 19 today too. You might get a surprise...

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