Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 3 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite / Least Favourite Villain

Favourite Villain

Now, I'm taking this to mean a single entity that isn't a 'monster'.  I'm going to have to choose Sutekh.  It's one of my favourite stories and I love it when they explain 'history' in Doctor Who.  I am now fully versed in Egyptian lore and its origins ;-)  He is one of the villains I'd like to see return in New Who.  He's pretty much your classic raging megalomaniac but with that Egyptian twist.

Least Favourite Villain

This is a little harder.  There are plenty that don't make the mark in various ways.  The one I found the most insulting to the audience's intelligence though was Abzorbaloff.  There's a reason 8 year old kids don't write prime time tv shows.  Great idea to have the chance for a fan to write a villain.  If this was the winner though how bad were the rest?  The stunt casting didn't help either.  No wonder it was a Doctor-lite story.  I wouldn't have been in it much if I was Tennant either.


Paul said...

I like the choice of Sutekh but I suppose that, for me at least, his main problem is that he's pretty much all powerful and as he could take over even the Doctor's mind instantly, he's going to require something fairly unbelievable to defeat him. Maybe Amy just do that horrible flirting thing she does with him and he'll either go for it and whisk her away to be his Handmaiden in Hell or just blast her to atoms.

Hey! It's a win/win situation :D

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