Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 13 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Black & White Story

Ha!  We've got one here I can answer :-)

My Favourite Black & White Story

Now there's a lot of contenders here.  Both of the Dalek stories that I'd seen as Cushing films are good.  Especially Invasion of Earth.  Scenes of England in times of sci-fi crisis always grab me.  I loved The Chase, even it's terribly corny parts.  The War machines gets a thumbs up for the same reasons as Dalek Invasion of Earth.  Plus, it has the Post Office Tower, oh yes!  The Aztecs was a great story.  It gave us different aspects to nearly all the TARDIS crew except Susan really.  The Time Meddler was excellent.  Even though Steven was bloody irritating in it..  There's nowhere near enough Troughton around but my favourite on screen adventures would have to be The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Invasion.  Once again London's suffering.

Now the hard part, choosing just one of the above....  I think I'm going to have to go with Tomb of the Cybermen.  Yes it's aged somewhat and would never be made as it is nowadays.  I look past that though.  It has my favourite recurring monsters.  Portrayed very scarily and with the wonderfully spooky 'breaking out' scene.  Don't forget the Cybermats!  I saw this long afer it has been discovered and the fuss around it dismissed as hype.  It still grabbed me though and is one of the few stories I actually own on DVD.

My Least Favourite Black & White Story

This is a little harder.  There are plenty of stories that are sub-par in a few places but my fondness for the series makes me feel cruel sticking one up here for ridicule.  I have just watched The Ark and it felt a bit wrong in a few places.  I liked the idea of the story but feel it lacks a little in the telling.  Plus it has two of my least favourite companions.  Steven and Dodo.  They got it the black mark that got it here, blame them!


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