Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 25 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite Doctor Who Spin-Off

I haven't delved into spin-offs very much.  I never watched K-9 and Company or The Sarah Jane Adventures.  I think Doctor Who Confidential is a great idea but I rarely watch it any more.  I am someone who enjoys watching DW but I'm not so much into the facts and figures.  I like to keep an air of mystery about things too.  Having every detailed explained is brilliant for those who dig that but not for me.

If the Target novels were a spin-off they would win hands down.  However I'm not sure they are, I feel we're looking towards TV here.  That would mean I'd have to pick Torchwood.  I found the first two seasons a touch silly at times but there were some great episodes in there.  The third Children of Earth season blew me away.  It was brilliantly dark, well acted, it got all the Brit Sci-Fi ticks.  What I've seen of the latest series is worrying.  It can't taint series 3 though.

EDIT:  I totally forgot about my 'other favourite' Spin Off.  The Peter Cushing movies.  They definitely deserve a mention.  As a kid I hadn't seen the original stories they were taken from so they were fresh to me. Yeah Bernard Cribbins was annoying but there was Cushing!  Daleks!  Robomen! Earth in dire peril!  Dalek Invasion of Earth 2150AD was my favourite of the two.  It was funny when I did get to see the first two Dalek stories finally.  Took me a while to realise why I thought I already knew the stories.  I haven't seen these for years but I did buy the box set a few months ago.  Time to rip off that cellophane methinks.


Paul said...

Given your two choices, I will always pick the movies over Torchwood. I watched most of Series 1 and 2 and was very disappointed by Children of earth. They always had the problem of showing WHY they were an adult show. They sold themselves on that fact yet it only appeared to mean sex and swearing. None of that very good either.

CofE had some excellent performances but was just too cold for me. I haven't watched any of this years episodes.

I think it's a shame that Jack, who was so much fun in DW, became so... uninteresting in TW. Oh well...

Mary said...

I loved CoE. You're spot on about the sex and swearing bits, it's as if a 15yr old was writing it.

I must watch those Dalek films this week! Will there ever be a Timevault on them?

You aren't missing much in the latest TW :-(

Paul said...

There may well be a TimeVault on the two Dalek movies. Even if we don't cover them as part of the DW thread, they were made by Amicus (Hammer's major rival), so we could stretch a point that way :)

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