Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 2 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite / Least Favourite Companion

Favourite Companion

Now this is quite hard.  There are many companions I like a lot.  Peri (I didn't realise the accent was so bad), Tegan, Romana I, Turlough was one of the most interesting companions, Kamelion would have been great had he worked, Barbara and Ian set the bar high at the beginning, Ben always made me smile, Liz Shaw should have been there so much longer, Harry was an admirable chap if not very exciting.  Jamie comes a very close second but I'd have to give the title to Sarah Jane.

A strong female who served most of her time with my favourite doctor.  She had a brain as well as a scream.  The Andy Pandy suit wasn't enough to ruin her.  She was in some great stories and was always willing to come back.  Such a shame they couldn't pair her with T Baker in The Five Doctors.  She was wonderful in her cameo with Tennant, a storyline I really didn't expect to work.  She was written well, how many other companions could have held their own in a spin off?

Least Favourite Companion

No competition here.  Mel.  The most annoying thing I've ever known on my screen.  Did anyone like this pathetic, squealing wench?  Was there a positive point at all to the typecast Bonnie Langford hurting our eyes and ears?


Adam said...

Totally agree with you on both counts, Mary. I reckon that even if Mel was played by Lysette Anthony then she would still be most people's least favourite companion.

Paul said...

Oh, poor Melanie. I think Big Finish (which I know you haven't heard) have done just as good a job turning her into a more rounded and interesting character as they did with the Sixth Doctor.

And, having met Bonnie Langford a couple of years ago at the recording of The Wishing Beast, she's one of THE loveliest people - with a filthy sense of humour. In fact, she definitely worked her magic on me and I do have a slight crush on modern-day Bonnie Langford. She was brilliant :)

But, on the basis of just the TV episodes, I agree, the character was poor...

Adam said...

On tv agreed, but in the novels and in the audios she is much better.

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