Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 12 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Composer

I have never really noticed the music in Doctor Who.  Let alone the composition of it.  Once again this challenge is hindered by my lack of observation as I tramp through DW.  Maybe credit should be given 'cos the musical accompaniment is that good I don't notice it?

Well I'll just leave you eith this video of the first time I ever noticed the music on screen in anything.  And what a way to bring it to my attention.

But before I leave, just to let you know someone else has joined the DW Challenge.  The Frankly Mr Shankly Blog, which can be found here


Anonymous said...


Thanks for linking to my blog. I have decided to start the 30 day Who challenge again in a few days as I did the first ten and then forgot about it so I am going to do it properly this time. So the link on this post is now out of date.



Mary said...

I'll link the next one when you start :-)

Adam said...

Thanks, Mary

Adam said...

I've started again


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