Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 5 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Master

Favourite Master

This would have to be the original and the smoothest, Mr Delgado.  I doubt I'm in a minority here.  He just played it so well.  He was a great foil for Pertwee and my (only) favourite thing about Jo Grant was the Master's seeming fascination with her.  He was briliant in the Sea Devils and although I'm not sure he was necessary in The Daemons I enjoy him in it.

I haven't really got an opinion on the deformed, monster Master.  Anthony Ainley was ok but I think it wasn't the best idea to have him mimic Delgado's look and performance.  They should have given him a fresh start.

You just can't knock Derek Jacobi can you?  But he wasn't really playing The Master if he didn't realise who he actually was.  John Simm's portrayal I find quite painful at times.  The Jack in a Box, poor man's Joker approach isn't for me.  I'm not a fan of Simm's style anyway so that's no surprise really.

Which leaves us with.....

Least Favourite Master

Obviously, Eric Roberts.  I've seen him play bad in other things where he was much more convincing.  he never had a chance though, seeing as he was in that pile of tosh.  A hammy portrayal of that script was never gonna be acceptable.


Paul Greaves said...

But that was what was so great about Jacobi. He played a sweet-natured, slightly forgetful professor - until the last ten minutes when he remembered who he was and he turned into what could easily have been the best Master since Delgado. The scenes where he turned on Chan'tho were brilliant. An absolutely fantastic performance. I would have given my right arm to have seen him carry on in the part.

Delgado is still the best though.

wolfeeboy said...

Oh memories!!
The original Master, and John Pertwee as Dr Who, both my faves as a nipper.

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