Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 24 - Doctor Who Challenge

A Story that is a Guilty Pleasure

Hmm, I'm tempted to say The Five Doctors.  But then again I'm rebelliously not that guilty.  It made me a very happy bunny as a youngster.  I still enjoy it now despite the flaws people point out.  I'll have to go with one I haven't seen since transmission.  The Happiness Patrol, I just love the 'Kandyman' and I'm still amazed the Beeb got away with it!  I'd loved to have seen the Bassett's exec's faces when they saw it.  I'm well aware people think this is a terrible story and I'm looking forward to getting to this one in my current watching 'in order'.  Maybe then I'll be mortified about this post....


Paul said...

Ah. The Happiness Patrol is not terrible, just not as good as it could have been. The books description of the Kandyman is far more sinister than what we got and although I can see what they were trying to do, it's still pretty terrible. It needed a deep, silky voice, not a high-pitched squeaky one. Oh well... #hindsightisawonderfulthing

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