Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 14 - Doctor Who Challenge

The Best/Worst Cliffhanger Endings

The Best Cliffhanger Ending

For me there's only one real contender for the best and that's the end of The Tenth Planet. It ushers in a whole new concept and leaves the audience wondering for a week.  With no sodding preview to spoil it!  Only for Cole Hawlings to appear ;-) Though I was very worried throughout The Stones of Blood.  The lovely Romana was left hanging at the end of every episode. I still wish we'd had more Mary Tamm :-(

The Worst Cliffhanger Ending

I'll have to agree with something I read on a forum once, here.  Every Dalek appearance at the end of episode one.  Where the fact that Dalek was in the title made it very unsurprising.  The one below was a goodie though.  people didn't know what the Daleks were when it was shown.


Paul said...

I agree that the end of The Tenth Planet was, very definitely what, inaccurately these days, Moffat calls a 'game-changer'. In fact, it was the ultimate.

Not sure about the Dalek thing though. I see what you're saying but I can think of less impressive cliffhangers. I suppose by its very predictability is becomes boring but when I was a kid, knowing they would show up at the end was always a bit of a thrill.

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