Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 9 - Doctor Who Challenge

My Favourite/Least Favourite Producer

I don't know much about the art of producing.  When I watched DW as a child I didn't even know such a role existed.  I can't say until New Who I've ever considered 'production style'.  Does one person really hold that much sway over a production?  Does their style become more or as apparent as the writer's or the director's.  I'm not qualified to judge.  I fall back on the old 'I just enjoy watching it guv' excuse.  I've heard people's opinions on John Nathan Turner but I'd be hard pressed to name another Classic series producer.  I think that that is a good thing.  A producer's name being such a big deal to the show seems a little showy and unnecessary.  I have to give Russell T Davies credit for getting the show back on the screen.  Even if I am a little tetchy about the Rose Tyler Show ;-)

For sheer sentimentality's sake I'd name Verity Lambert as favourite if I had to.  A female producer in the 1960's who enabled my favourite show to begin existence.  That would be enough on its own.  The fact that she comes across as such a lovely woman in all the DVD extras is a big plus point too.  As I say though if you asked me to describe her production style I'd just stare back at you looking a little bit thick.  Oh, and the fact that she was responsible for my guilty pleasure Eldorado makes me love her even more ;-)


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